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One of our favourite toys of 2015 (for 10 years and up)






The Meccanoid G15 KS is a buildable robot. It is very easy to build with the included tools.

The Meccanoid doesn not teach children only to build, but also to program.
The Meccanoid G15 KS has a computing engine called  “Mecca Brain” and features speaking abilities. He can even make jokes and play games! The Meccanoid G15KS is more than a toy. He represents the Meccano latest developments in robotics. Using advanced technology and the use of 8 servo motors Meccanoid G15KS can move realistically.
Watch as Meccaoids large LED eyes light up with over 500 color options!
Meccanoid can say more than a thousand sentences, remembers birthdays and parlor games. It’s a robot friend who can children build themselves and program, meet the toy of the future.

You can even transform Meccanoid into a dinosaur, or whatever you can think of. Use your imagination and 1188 parts to build, and the possibilities are endless!

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 10 Years and Up
Includes: Instruction Guide, Toy Building Components
Number of Pieces: 1188
Material: Plastic, Metal
Educational Focus: Motor Skills, Creative Thinking, Shapes and Colors, Computer Skills, Science
Dimensions: 15.000H x 24.000W x 3.500L
Product Weight: 7.700

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