Barbie The Pearl Princess Mermaid Salon Playset

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Bring your mermaid to the salon for a mer-makeover
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Pour water into the dolphin’s tail to wash your mermaid doll’s hair
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Movie Magic

In the new implausible underwater adventure Barbie and the Pearl Princess, Barbie stars as a beautiful mermaid princess with a magical power over pearls. A kind and creative soul, she uses it to style fabulous hair for her friends and clients at the mermaid salon. This sea-sational set captures those moments with a colorful hair station set up for styling fun. Counter space, shelving, racks, and pegs are ideal for setting up supplies; sea-themed details and beauty products with decals make a splash.

Make Waves Washing Hair

Place a mermaid doll (sold one at a time) in the brightly colored chair (with translucent seashell-inspired arms to hold her in place) for princess-style remedy. Bring her to the sink, and pour water into the cup at the dolphin’s tail; use the spray from its mouth to wash and rinse her gorgeous locks. Then dry with the soft towel that hangs from its rack.


Brush out her hair the use of the hot pink brush and style. The set includes a “hair dryer” and beauty products to mimic spritzing and styling. Add one, two, or all three of the gorgeous extensions for extra flair: options include one with streaks of pink and blond hair, one with blue “pearls,” and another with purple “pearls.” Each and every attaches easily with a unique sea-themed clip, like a shell.

Fabulous Fun

Once the customer gets a look in the mirror, she’ll be floating on air — or underwater. Then take a seat her back down to start in all places. Girls will love recreating their favorite scenes — and hairstyles — from the movie or imaging new occasions for styling on their own. Collect the mermaid characters from Barbie The Pearl Princess to expand the client list and the fun.

Specially designed salon chair fits your mermaid doll just right
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Product Features:
  • Girls can create fabulous pearl-inspired hairstyles with this play set
  • Wash your doll’s hair (dolls sold one at a time) in the mermaid inspired sink
  • Mermaids (dolls sold one at a time) can swim up to the hair salon for a mer-makeover
  • The salon play set offers hair extensions, pearl accents, and everything needed to style gorgeous hair
  • Collect Barbie The Pearl Princess dolls and friends for more mermaid fun

As the heroine of Barbie The Pearl Princess, Barbie hones her power over pearls, creating magical hairstyles at the Hair Salon
Seat doll (sold one at a time) in the chair and wash her hair at the dolphin-spout sink that in reality pours water!
Add one of three gorgeous hair extensions
Perfect the look with an accessory like a hair clip or hair product!
Keep each and every hair in place with the included brush!






















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